Established in 1977, Veterinarians for World Animal Health, Inc. (VWAH) is an all-volunteer group of dedicated veterinarians, veterinary technicians and individuals who share the common vision of improving the quality of life of animals worldwide.

Our primary area of concern is pet overpopulation around the world and our challenges include educating the public and animal population control by surgical sterilization.

Your generous donations, together with our team of volunteer veterinarians and veterinary assistants, can help put an end to the poor conditions so many of these animals live in everyday.

Your dollars go directly toward the purchase of supplies, surgical equipment, medications, vaccinations and educational resources. All contributions are tax deductible, VWAH is a 501(c) (3) and we pay no salaries and no office space rent. All funds received go directly to fulfill our mission.

For more information about Veterinarians for World Animal Health, Inc. or to become a volunteer email Ginny Bischel, D.V.M.


VWAH members make annual trips to many of Baja Mexico's rural communities to provide much needed veterinary care and treatments for dogs, cats and livestock. JOIN US TODAY!
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