A. Xylazine/Ketamine

Agents: Xylazine (100 mg/ml) (Rompun°) and Ketamine HCL (100 mg/ml) (Ketaset°, Ketaject°, Vetalar°).

Atropine Sulfate is also administered at the same time as Ketamine to prevent excessive salivation and bradycardia.

Duration of anesthesia: 30-45 minutes.

Possible side effects: vomiting, mild seizures during and post-surgery (controlled with Diazepam).

Technique: Administer an intramuscular (I.M.) injection of Xylazine (@1mg/lb.) using a 1 m. syringe and 20 g. needle. Wait 5 minutes then administer the intramuscular injection of Ketamine HCL (@5mg/lb) using a 3 ml syringe and 20 g. needle.

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